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The Goatfish (half goat and half fish)

Ziegenfisch modern
© Gavin White

is one of the mystic animals of the God Enki of Ancient Sumer (Ea for later generations of Babylonians). People perceived the Goatfish in the sky as the starry constellation which we call Capricorn nowadays. Rising at the time of the winter solstice the Goatfish is according to Gavin White* the Keeper of the embryonic winter-sun on his way to the equinoxes of spring. The Goatfish is also Keeper and Guardian of this iseum / lyceum.

*see Gavin White: Babylonian Stare-Lore, 2008, p- 118 ff


The Founder of the Iseum/Lyceum with the Goatfish is Gisela Kranz. Gisela, Portrait
I am a member of FOI since 2004, ordination in 2008, adepta since 2010 and Hierophant since 2015, Archdruidess since 2018.
I have long time experience in teaching and managing courses in civil education and I am holding a diploma in political science; my experience in the field of esotericism builds on some years of intense and transforming training with Allan Lowen from The Art of Being and some years of  most inspiring studies with the late Deena Butta from FOI-Chicago.
Currently I am engaged in projects of pagan networking and interfaith-dialogs, also I assist newcomers to this country in finding their way with German language.