There is no point in translating this whole website because you anyway will find many excellent sites on behalf of the Fellowship of Isis in English. For this please see our Links. Though I would like to introduce the characteristics of this iseum to you:

Iseum mit dem Ziegenfisch

Welcome to the Iseum with the Goatfish!  

The Iseum is registered with the Fellowship of Isis since 2009,
becoming a Lyceum in 2015.
It is based in Berlin.

The Iseum with the Goatfish is dedicated to the countless expressions of the spirituality of the Goddess.
We would like to create a virtual place of information and sharing about the Goddess, a place of connection between like-minded people at some distance and we would like to offer means for enfolding your personal relation with the Goddess and enjoy fellowship. Members may experience spiritual growth by taking part in the rites, by sharing insights and by individual studies.

There are various trainings for initiation available in this lyceum which can be done face to face or by correspondence course in German and English.

We come together in Berlin for the 8 Seasonal Festivals; often  we choose to get together by attunement though. Sometimes we have met outdoors, in special places or for excursions, but more often we meet in private places.
Guests and friends are welcome to get in touch. For first contact we appreciate public locations.

Other activities:
The Iseum with the Goatfish is engaged in translating liturgies of the Fellowship of Isis into German, it is a member of PFI, takes part in pagan networking in Berlin, especially for public events and it partakes in interreligious work-groups.

Please see also our list of links many of them lead to websites in English.

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